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July 7, 2023

Mr. Hex is now owned and operated by Ajevie!

I know, it's A Lot!

I am sure you will all join us in celebrating that the original Mr. Hex is now able to return to his chosen career path!  Mr. Hex the brand is just too good to let it slip away quietly in the night.  Instead, it has been bestowed to us at Ajevie!  

Here's the highlights!
💗 We are hoping to re-open the shop on August 1st.

💗 Turn Around Time - I know you're worried.  But, Mr. Hex will be processed in a different stream than Ajevie orders to maintain the 7 business day processing.

💗 What's staying the same?  Basically everything!  Same scents, same website, same packaging, same prices.  We have actively made the choice to make NO changes this year.  Next year we'll reevaluate and let you know if we need to switch anything up!

💗 New products may come out this year, but we won't be looking at adding new scents until next year.  

💗 Can you combine orders?  Come opening, you will be able to add Ajevie orders to Mr. Hex orders.  HOWEVER, we won't be able to do it the other way around.  This is something we'll work on incorporating into the Mr. Hex System.

😻 Perhaps most importantly, the original Mr. Hex will be continuing your Cat of the Day posts!

If you have any questions or concerns, please visit us in our Discord or the FB Group.  Alternatively, you can always reach us via the Contact Page.